Welcome to The Kilbourne Observatory

About The Observatory

Kilbourne Observatory is located in Sunbury Ohio which is 33 Miles North of Downtown Columbus.
I have a backyards observatory Rolloff building (11′ 6″ x 11′ 6″) with a recently added warm room
that is 8′ x 11′ 6″.  The Observatory has a single 120V 20amp line run for the Heating/Air and the Roof Motor
the remaining power is 2 210w 18V solar panels feeding a 12V 90amp deep cycle batter and a 2500watt inverter.

In the Observatory itself is a Pier Tech II pier with a Bisque Paramount ME mount
OTA’s include Astro Tech At90EDT, AT130, AT10RC(Optec TCF-S Focuser) and AT12RC (Starlight Focuser) along with a Meade LX200R 12″ OTA, Meade 8″ SCT (JMI Focuser)
and a Meade ETX90 OTA.

for Imaging I use a SBIG STL-11000M2 with MaximDL and CCDSoft

Control is through TheSkyX with T-Point

Network is run to building as well which lets me use RDP to control things from the house if needed

I will be posting more infor and pictures of the observatory soon as I figure out where I put them



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