Spent some time Polar Aligning, had trouble so took a quick pic with the SBIG ST-i

Tried to polar align my mount finally and just had issue’s

I’m going to go back out again tonight I hope and try again.
after homing the mount I slewed to Rigel and it was nowhere near where the scope was pointing,  it was in the right part of the sky but was many degrees off,   this seemed strange,   I check my Lat/Long and date/time all where good.   went into the TCS control panel and reset all the mount settings and still no good.   after several hours and loosing all feeling in my fingertips I gave up for the night and fired up the SBIG ST-i (which I got as a guide camera) and took this shoot.   nothing special but at least the camera worked


Image Captured with ST-i


10 Light Frames @ 90s each and dark subtracted

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