Dome Delivered Today

After a 6 month wait, many twists and turns.  delivery issues and planning for the delivery the Dome finally arrived today.

I was scheduled for a 8:30 delivery.  at 8:35 the driver called to let me know he would not be here until about 10am.   the crane arrive at 8:45.
this of course was a concern as the Crane was only scheduled for 4 hrs.   The truck arrive at just before 10 then had the first issue.   Driver couldn’t get the truck backed into the driveway.   had to turn around and bring it in front wise.

Truck carrying the dome trying to back in to my driveway. Hint, he fails

Realizes he can’t get backed in I have leach field work happening on the right side and contractor highly advised the semi not drive on that side of the yard

Truck pulled in front and with crane it was a tight fit.


next after they got ready to unload the crane operator asked about the contents and was not comfortable with the way the straps where rubbing against the dome.   

he called and had a spreader bar brought out and they proceeded to unload it.
to my surprise they did what I thought they should do which was to offload onto the ground beside the truck then let the driver go.
then they move the pallets into position

I had to recharge the drone and missed allot of images at this point so here you can see the spreader bar, the dome is in place for now and the truck has already taken off. All offloaded and stored for now

Here it is. 2 13ft x 7 ft pallets containing the dome.









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