Unpacking the Dome

Just some photo’s as I started to unpack the Dome.  I wanted to get the manual and DVD out (referenced in previous post).   The only problem I had was the two pallets where to close together.  I was going to rent a pallet jack (cost about 50 for half a day, including a trainer to get it home) but ended up using a chain and the ATV to move one end of the pallet about 8 inches to let me in.

Shutter Motor and Mounting Bracket

Dome Dome Motor, Facia and Ring

Main Dome Rotation Motor

Dome and Shutter Units & all cabling

Shutter Motor and Mount

Shutter Motor & Electronics Box

Panorama of Pallet One Contents

Panorama of Pallet Two Contents

Not sure what I was taking a picture of

Side Casings tucked in behind the lower dome and back piece

Dome Number 69

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