Trying out

Decided to try out and this the initial result.

I did have troubles that’s weren’t clear from the messages.  like Not having access after paying for a plan.  come to find out if you don’t complete your member details (address for example) you can not image.

Also,  I did this in LRGB (not really a good choice for LRGB though as a test) but during the Blue pass the auto-guider had trouble and ruined the image.   Fortunately, the refund system is quite easy and got that refunded and will retry the exposure.

Below is the L image which is a stack of 2 600sec exposures

Below the image is the equipment information

I have to say,  I don’t find this as satisfying as using my own equipment


Test of iTelescope

Test of iTelescope


Telescope Optics

OTA: Takahashi FSQ Fluorite
Optical Design: Petzval Apochromat Astrograph
Aperture: 106mm (0.1 metre)
Focal Length: 530mm (.53 metre)
F/Ratio: f5.0
Guiding: External
Mount: Paramount GT-1100S

Instrument Package

QE: 50% Peak
Full Well:  ~50,000e-  Anti Blooming Gate (ABG)
Dark Current:   0.5 e-/pixel/sec. @ 0º C
A/D Gain:  2.2e-/ADU
Pixel Size:  9um Square
Resolution:  3.5 arc-secs/pixel
Sensor:  Frontlit
Cooling:  Set to -15ºC default
Array:  4008 by 2672 (10.7 Mega pixels)
FOV:      155.8 x 233.7 arc-mins
Filters:  LRGB, Ha, SII & OIII and V
Position Angle: 090º